What is Mindtegi?
Mindtegi is an open incubator for creativity, ideas and talent, whose purpose is to gather and promote innovative ideas that help respond to some of the main challenges facing the local and global food industry. It is also a gateway to LABe for people who want to take action and develop innovative projects with a technological component.

How do the challenges work?
We launch open calls for a given period of time, which have been put forward by people like you, by companies, professionals from the food industry, universities or the LABe team, to engage in a two-way dialogue.
In these calls, we develop a selection process and analyse the ideas’ potential to be developed as projects at the Tabakalera prism, home to the LABe – Digital Gastronomy Lab, a veritable eco-system of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology that aspires to revolutionise the food industry.

Who can participate?
The best ideas come from the most unexpected places. Everyone, expert and amateur alike, can participate and are encouraged to do so.

How can I participate?
It’s easy: subscribe to the portal, click on the open challenge, follow the steps and fill in the specified fields.
The participation of people in open innovation models is not exclusively for generating ideas. The general public is also invited to join the user database and take part in testing products or services so that they can subsequently be validated before being launched onto the market.

If there is not a challenge open but I have an idea, can I participate?
Of course! We are passionate about collaboration and openness. If your idea does not fit into any of the challenges already open, just write a short and concise message to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

What is LABe – Digital Gastronomy Lab?
It is a living open innovation lab for the experimentation, co-creation, testing and promotion of new products, services and experiences that include a technological component and which add value to people, the planet and the culinary value chain.

What is open innovation?
From our point of view, open innovation means bringing together people, companies, institutions, experts and different bodies to cooperate, think of solutions to specific challenges, share feedback and generate positive impact together.
We believe that openness and collaboration are the driving force behind faster change and ensure people are provided with tools, methodologies, the opportunity to participate and support to develop innovative and transformative projects.